Elite Education Academies

Some Cooperative Institutions
Teacher Education Research Centre, Beijing Normal University
Teacher Education Research Centre of Beijing Normal University, as an important research base for humanities and social sciences of General Institution of Higher Education of Ministry of Education, was established in October 2004, with the approval from the Ministry of Education. It is located in Institute of Teacher Education, Education Department, in Beijing Normal University. Elite Education jointly established International Teacher Education Practice Base, Teacher Education Research Centre, with Beijing Normal University, with reliance on the professors expert resources, with the integration of the high quality education resources at home and abroad, and with dedication to providing professional, international, and customized teacher education services for basic education.
Basic Education Branch Association of China Senior Professors Association
Elite Education has carried out comprehensive cooperation with Basic Education Branch Association of China Senior Professors Association, with dedication to providing all-round solutions to China basic education. Our mission is to “Cohesion of Peking University Power, Service Basic Education”, with the experts from Beijing University as our solid backing, with Chinese Academy of Sciences and other first-class experts in the country as the core, and with Beijing famous primary school and middle school principals and other famous teachers as our resources. By providing high quality education project services, solutions to school problems, and optimization and integration of educational resources, Elite Education aims to become national first-class basic education consultation and service platform, and lead China basic education.
University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate
University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate is one of the main international qualification certification and assessment institutions. It is a non-profit organization under Cambridge University. It has developed and promoted qualification and certification in the world for nearly 150 years, and enjoyed a worldwide reputation with University of Cambridge. As one of the largest and the most authoritative education and examination organizations, University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate has nearly ten thousand Cambridge Schools and education examination centers all over the world.
UK London IH
UK London IH is a world famous teaching training organization. It has over 60 years history dedicated to provide teaching training. Each year, it provides training for over ten thousand students from over 150 countries. Elite Education Group has reached strategic cooperation with IH, to introduce IH teacher training courses system, and run the mature teacher training projects in China market. Teachers after the examinations can obtain all sorts of teaching qualification certificates issues by University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. This project improves the English teaching ability of the local primary school and middle school teachers in line with international standards.
Pearson Education Group
Pearson is one of the leading education groups in the world, with over 170 years history. It is dedicated to providing high quality education content, education technology, examination & assessment, vocational certification, and all education related services to educators and students of all ages. Pearson’s business covers over 80 countries and regions. It owns all subject high-profile education brands. Elite Education has cooperated with Pearson Education Group, and has become its agent in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and some other places in China.
Project Operation Models
Elite Education has constructed 4*4 project operation model. “4*4 Model” is based on the professional growth criteria for primary school and middle school teachers. It follows four goals, adopts four methods, aims to cultivate four abilities, and conducts planning and training in four stages in an all-round way. Under“4*4 Model”, the training can cover all level teachers in a wider population. The courses can be freely combined and integrated according to the different strategic focuses of all kind of schools, organizations, crowds, etc. and the needs of talent development. It also coordinates different subjects, different organizations, and different level related research personnel at home and abroad, and carries out comprehensive and professional research and planning for the teacher professionalism in different regions and at different levels, with implementation of scientific training and development strategy.
Project Operation Concept
Adhering to the basic concept“People oriented, teachers’ ethics first, ability as importance, life-long learning”, based on teachers professional standards, with the basic methods “Double mentors, tracking guidance; scientific leading, experience sharing; exercise attachment, integration of learning and application”, we construct the course system, and overall promote the project implementation. During the implementation process, we adopt the mutual interactive learning such as sharing, action, lecturing, consultation, diagnosis, mutual learning, co-creation, etc., and provide in-depth case study discussion and multi dimensional learning platform through the alliance among professors, students, and practice base.
Project Courses System
Construct the course system with problem as base, needs as guidance, students satisfaction as standards, and function & value as aim. The construction includes basic model, characteristic model, industry focus model, and customized model.
Service structure

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