Development Planning
  • With the economic and social development, Education has been attached more and more importance. More parents have realized the importance of education on the growth of younger generation, and are willing to invest more on the education towards the youth.
  • For in-service personnel, apart from their usual tense work, it will be a very good choice for them to receive a training, learning, and relaxation in the tourist resort.
  • With the improvement of living standard, health has become a focus to more and more people’s attention. This means the market volume of leisure and sports is increasing. The opening of the outdoor sports events will attract more and more people’s participation.
  • To build up holiday, leisure, entertainment, sports, parent-child, learning, social practice, and other integrated tourist areas, will continue to be an important market trend.
Strategic objectives
  • To become a holiday, hotel, parent-child, learning, sports and other integrated growth base with children as the theme.
  • To become one-stop service base for the youth social practice, sports activity and camp education.
  • To become a career development training base with banking and education dual industry as the core, and covering multi domain, middle and high end professionals
Sports forum service
Children’s Forum Services

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