Our achievements on children’s education
  • Opening several Baby’s Clubs in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Henan
  • Introducing several international courses, e.g. US wonders robot programming curriculum, UK moral curriculum, Israel Logic thinking curriculum, etc.
  • Coordinating with several institutions and enterprises, e.g. Shanghai Jiaotong University LP International Education, Oriental Babycare, Perfect Kids Education, Pacific English, etc.
  • Opening up Elite Leyton Education Academy to provide many schools with courses and teacher training
  • Opening up Elite Leyton feature course for many national schools
  • Conducting research and curriculum development with many institutions at home and broad.
Our Achievements on children’s education
Service structure
International kindergarten
baby club
reading hall
course service
education academy
brand alliance
6 Educational Elements【L·E·Y·T·O·N】


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