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Our physical education achievements
  • Elite has formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the National Sports General Administration of small ball sports management base (China Squash Association) to jointly establish the China Squash Association Elite Education Group Youth Training Base, the national youth team reserve personnel training base and the national youth team overseas training base.
  • Elite has cooperated with Mendes sports brokerage company, the 2nd largest sports broker company in the world under Fosun Group.
  • Elite has held the 1st (2016) and the 2nd (2017) primary school and middle school new year international music festivals in the two consecutive years, with dozens of schools’ participation and thousands of people’s attendance.
  • Elite has established Youth Art One Hundred Schools Alliance with the alliance with hundreds of national well-known primary schools and middle schools; We held the UK pianist concert in Shanghai Music College; Elite choir has won the world awards for several times.
  • Elite has actively engaged in charity activities, such as the “2017 League Sports School Football Parent-child Charitable Activity”with more than 30 parent-child football competitions in 30 schools. All funds and materials raised will be used to finance the sports facility construction in southwest poverty stricken areas.
  • Elite undertook 42 Shanghai Pudong New Area“Kang Qiao Cup”league football matches.
  • Elite has undertaken a number of sport teacher training programs for the education bureaus and schools.
  • Elite has organized a number of large-scale high-end activities for well-known banks, e.g. City Challenge for the Bank of Communications, 2016 Hiking Activity for the Bank of China Shanghai Branch, and 2017 “Bank of China Limitless· Health Carnival” Activity.
Our Service
Core Competitiveness
  • Expert team with over 30 years teaching experiences develops teaching materials, with reference to the grassroots football training curriculum of (FIFA) Federation of International Football Association and international fencing training curriculum
  • Small sized class teaching; customized courses for different schools and different students
  • In-field training integrated with theories knowledge

Strong national resources

Coaching team reserve

Liangxing Ma
Football Head Coach
  • Former China National football head coach, AFC professional coach, national coach
  • Comprehensive guidance to football training course, leading expert team to tailor-made the football course teaching scheme, and implementing football teaching and training activities
Zhujun Zhang
Fencing Head Coach
  • Former national youth fencing team coach Zhujun Zhang, now head coach for fencing programs. 33 years foil coach experiences
  • Overall responsible for fencing training, leading professional team of experts to tailor-made the fencing course teaching scheme, and implementing fencing teaching and training activities

Shanghai Normal University, authoritative youth training experts and scholars, Shanghai University of Sport, Shanghai Hong Kou Fencing School

Professional development channel

New Century Sport Broker Company, China Fencing Association

Strong resources as home and abroad

Overseas training opportunity

Belgium, Spain football associations/clubs, US UK fencing clubs

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