Overview of School Planning

Bavaria International School is located in Bavaria Manor. It covers an area of about 200 mu. It is a private K12 bilingual school with about 3,500 students. The school will be based on Shenzhen and Guangzhou market, with influence in the whole Pearl River Delta Region. Its ultimate goal of the school is to forge the Bavaria International School to be an influential international school in Guangdong province, or even in the whole country.

Design Origin

Bavaria is one of the regions in Germany with rich education resources. Its charming lies in its rich cultural and historical heritages and its unforgettable natural beauty. The name of the Bavaria International School is originated from Bavaria in Germany, and the school is chosen to be located in Bavaria Manor in China, with the meaning to be like Bavaria in Germany, surrounded by the beautiful and elegant natural scenery, with Western elite culture and excellent education resources, and with the integration of Western Solid science and Eastern nature and culture. The school targets to be a forest international school with integration to the world.

School Vision

Target to be a forest international school with integration to the world; Insist on the school running concepts: respect, pluralism and fraternity; cultivate talents with wisdom, happiness, and with the world.

Education Characteristic Planning

The school highlights on professional training in four areas, i.e. academic, sports, art, and technology. It provides professional and abundant practice activities to the students in these four areas. The school provides all kinds of, and special training on sports and art, and competition platforms. It offers STEM courses and future technology laboratories. Through rich activities, it aims to realize the development of students' personality. Therefore, the students will be cultivated to be the talents with inherent human qualities, scientific spirit, practice innovation, sense of responsibility, capability to learn, and ability to live a healthy life.

The Design of Curriculum System

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