About School

DeAi International School Affiliated to PKU is committed to providing a high quality multi-cultural and holistic international high school education through the lenses of its unique bilingual curriculum.

The school offers British A-Level courses with authorization from Cambridge International Examinations. With an aim to combine the best parts of both Chinese and western education, we provide students best possibilities in the fields of morality, learning, and life. We offer students with developmental pathways that enable them to gain acceptance to the world’s top universities and prepare them to take their places in this 21st century and become global citizens of tomorrow’s world, today.

We prepare successful, confident, global citizens who are proficient in both Chinese and English language. Our challenging program develops students to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and caringly. We help children to become independent, lifelong learners, competent in academics, arts, and even athletics. We are a Chinese school integrated into the world.

Course Introduction

Cambridge International Examinations is one of the most important international qualification and assessment agencies in the world. It is a subordinate nonprofit organization of Cambridge University. Together with the world-renowned Cambridge University, it has been developing and promoting qualified certification around the globe for nearly 150 years. The A-Level course certificate is accepted by almost all English-taught universities as enrollment standards. The results of Cambridge course shows,75% of Cambridge schools graduates can be admitted by domestic or international universities,51% of Cambridge schools graduates can enter their ideal school,30% of graduates from Cambridge schools can enter the elite university.

Cambridge course provides a fun, personalized and challenging approach of learning and research for students. The school requires all teachers to adopt the most effective educational methods and teaching practices. It provides core courses, extended courses and research projects for students and let them dig the questions fully, communicate with their peers. These help to cultivate students' organizational ability, research ability, analytical and critical thinking ability and other comprehensive abilities. Teachers arrange interdisciplinary research projects from time to time. Students complete research projects with collaboration, in groups. Students’ results or works will be displayed to other students, teachers and parents as well.

School Life

The school boarding life focuses on cultivating students' living habits, values, virtues and collective sense of belonging. Our dormitories are managed by the teachers, and they are ready to help the students anytime needed. Students and teachers establish mutual respect inside and outside the classrooms. Students live in this big family, they learn how to care for each other, love each other, help each other, and to build self-independence, self-confidence, self-discipline etc.

Admission Information


Admission Process

Submit the application form, the school GPA results, the application letter, teacher's recommendation letter, one essay in both Chinese and English, Parental statement and other information needed. The school will arrange unified assessment after receiving, students who pass the assessment will enter the current semester.



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