Core Values:
Education Philosophy:
To advance with wisdom, To accompany with happiness, To dialogue with world!
Educational Concept:
Advocate students to the bilingual dual culture of a high degree of awareness and recognition. To provide diversified students with both Chinese culture and international concept of international education.
To become a domestic influential international school.
School of Vision:
Within three to six years, the school to create a regional high-end education brand, with a greater social impact; within ten years or so, to create a "outstanding school performance, distinctive school, profound cultural background, rich Modern flavor and international quality "of the high level of private bilingual schools.
International School of New Type
Create a New International School One-stop Service
curriculum Proportion
teaching model
High School Period
Chinese high school courses prepare students for domestic institutions UK / American Education Program-A-Level / AP / IB Discipline Education Prepares for students to attend international institutions
Junior High School Period
China's nine-year compulsory educational program prepares students for the exam of high school enrollment Junior high school and international education courses in the various disciplines docking for the students to prepare for the exam
Elementary School Period
Chinese teachers : language - mathematics - basic courses Foreign teachers : art - music – sports
Kindergarten Period
China's nine-year compulsory educational course, British boarding host apartment to achieve boarding school system
Cultivate Model

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