School Introduction

The school was founded in 2003. It is a school owned by Elite Education Group with a total investment of RMB500,000,000. It has about 6,500 students and 500 faculties, and has an all-round education system from kindergarten to high school. It is honored “the Excellent Private School” by the Department of Education of Henan province, “4th of May Read Flag School” several times by Communist Youth League in Henan Province, “Top Brand School” by Non-government Education Association in Hehan Province, and 14 consecutive year “Excellent Schools” by Kaifeng Education Bureau. High School Department college admission rate ranks 3 in Kaifeng. The International Division is the only one who has been officially authorized of A-Level, AP, IGCSE, and SET international courses in Kaifeng.

Kaifeng Elite Foreign Language School is the first double A course International School, dedicated to providing UK IGCSE, A-Level, and US AP top international middle school curricular. For all the time, the school is the partner of some top world famous UK and US schools. As the school with authorization from Cambridge International Exams (CIE) and US College Board, it has helped students to promote their international comprehensive Competitiveness to meet the the educational needs of the students in different age stages. The students will complete UK and US international courses. At the same time, the international team of expert will provide them a tailor-made overseas study scheme, so that they can be accepted by the UK and US top brand universities successfully. The school, according to the needs of students and parents, can provide integrative services including one-on-one based education consulting, opportunities to study abroad, visa application, airport pick-up, afterwards follow-ups, etc. For several years, it has successfully sent many excellent students to study abroad.

Elite Foreign Language School was founded in 2003. It is a modern private school with a kindergarten, a junior high school, and a high school with international education. It has school students of 5,474. It is honored “4th of May Read Flag Famous School” several times by Communist Youth League in Henan Province, “Top Brand School” by Non-government Education Association in Hehan Province, and 13 consecutive year “Excellent Schools” by Kaifeng Education Bureau. In 2015, it again is honored “the Excellent Private School”, “the Provincial Advanced Social Organizaion in the Whole Province”, and “the Advanced Unit for National Education Examination Organization”.

Course Introduction

Our school curriculum provides students with interesting, personalized and challenging ways to learn and explore. All school teachers are required to use the most effective & proven educational methods to provide basic courses, outreach courses, and research projects. Therefore, students can fully exploit problems and communicate with each other to develop organization skills, research ability, analysis and critical thinking ability. Teachers periodically arrange interdisciplinary research projects and let students complete research projects in group work, and exhibit their research results or work to other students, teachers, and parents.

School Strengths

Progressive Bilingual Teaching
Kaifeng Elite Chinese School advocates the students’ high recognition and acceptance of the bilingual culture. By laying a solid foundation in Chinese, promoting the training on students English and other languages, through a great deal curriculum and extracurricular activities, speeches, and debate,s it targets to cultivate the true bilingual talents.

Emphasis on holistic education and life education
Education, first of all, is to cultivate people. One hour a day in sports activities provides a variety of training orotundities; one hour a day in reading makes the students love ancient and modern Chinese and foreign classic literature. Dormitory life education is a major feature of the school. Professional teachers will accompany and assist students to well manage the dormitory life, and to teach the students how to communion and love in collective life, help each other, develop collective sense of belongings, and well treat the interpersonal relationship with pears. Students will learn to be independent, self-reliant, self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-discipline, self-control, and learn how to respect others, include different opinions and have gratitude. Be able to think, reflect, no doubt, no worry, and no fear.

Small class teaching and personal tutorial system
The school adopts small class specialized education. The school fully respects the needs of customized learning of each students, and offers a variety of music, sport, art, and technology courses for student to choose, at the same time provide the needs of disciplines make up.

Recruitment Process

  • 上海第二届中小学生新年国际音乐节
    The Sencond Shanghai New YearInternational Music FestivalFor Primary and Middle School Students
  • 2017国际教育指南发布会
    Forbes China & Elite EducationGroup’s Launch of 2017International Education Guide

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