School Introduction

Shanghai Normal University Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University was invested by Shanghai Dong Ding Group in 2000, affiliated to Basic Education Development Centre of Shanghai Normal University. The school is located on the three axis of Disneyland, Pudong International Airport and Lingang New Town with convenient transportation. It is a modern, high standard, private boarding bilingual school (12 years). The campus is located in Hanhui Science and Technology Park, with an area of 200 mu, among which 200,000 square meters are modern construction areas. There is a dense growth of evergreen trees in the campus with elegant surroundings, which provides students with a very good learning and living environment.

The school advocates broadening the students international perspectives, expanding the multicultural thinking of students, and cultivating students’ recognition and acceptance of the bilingualism and multiculturalism. It aims to promote the core competitiveness of the students in the multicultural world through communication, discussion, practice, comparison and research in and out the classrooms.

The mission of the school is to integrate the essence of the Chinese and Western traditional education, to provide students in multi aspect training in ethics, academics, life, etc, to free them from doubt, worry, and fear, and to cultivate them to be a new generation with healthy personality facing the world.

Course Introduction

Our school strictly implements the curriculum of compulsory education of Shanghai, and integrates the school based curriculum (CIE Cambridge International Courses) with gradually increased bilingual teaching. Students who have completed the primary school curriculum can be directed enter into our middle school. After the completion of junior middle school curriculum, the students can choose to take the Shanghai Unified Senior High School Entrance Examinations for domestic high schools. At the same time, the students can also choose to take the Cambridge International Course Exams (IGCSE Certificate), and study in our school’s Cambridge A-Level High School Courses Centre, and apply for overseas well-known university for their further studies after completion of the curriculum.

Our school curriculum provides students with interesting, personalized and challenging ways to learn and explore. All school teachers are required to use the most effective & proven educational methods to provide basic courses, outreach courses, and research projects. Therefore, students can fully exploit problems and communicate with each other to develop organization skills, research ability, analysis and critical thinking ability. Teachers periodically arrange interdisciplinary research projects and let students complete research projects in group work, and exhibit their research results or work to other students, teachers, and parents.

School Life

The boarding life of the school focuses on the cultivation of students' living habits, moral character and sense of collective belongings. Our dormitory is overall managed by our teachers. Each boarding school students has a tutor, who helps the student integrate into the collective life. (3 students on dormitory. 9 students a family unit)

Each students dormitory is equipped with an independent toilet, central air conditioning, a personal closets, and 24 hour hot water; the students canteen provides all kinds of Chinese and western meals. The whole school is covered by WIFI. The teaching building and the student canteen are equipped with central air conditioning. In addition, our school is equipped with amphitheatre, electronic reading rooms, all departments of laboratories, pottery rooms, cooking kitchens, garden nursery, theatre, indoor constant temperature swimming pool, indoor stadium, and sports facilities including Tennis, football, and basketball courts.

The school encourages every students to read as more books as possible, explore the outside world, make more friends, and become global citizens. After class, students participate in all kinds of student associations activities, e.g. Foreign Language Study Community, Robot Club, Sports Association, etc. Through colorful community activities, the students have broadened their horizon, cultivated sentiment, enlightened their thinking and overall improved their quality. The students have learned to respect others and communities, tolerant people with different views, and have forged the spirit of dedication towards the society and the world.

Admission Information

Recruit students from grade 1 to grade 10 with excellent character and leanings who meet the criteria of the school admission.
No. 2151 Gongji Road , Huinan Town , Pudong District,Shanghai ,China

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